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Continued from the Elm Tree Post....

The Elm Tree will be hosting an exhibition called A Good Yarn which will be a collection of art, film and lovely things which are inspired by stories. Good stories. Ones that stuck in your mind, ones from when you heard or read them as a child all the way to being a 'grown up'. Ones that were so good that you watched them over and over and over again until you knew the whole script by heart…

A Good Yarn will feature the work of many of the designers who have filled The Elm Tree with their skilled craft for the past eight months, as well as many other artists who organiser/curator Eleanor McComb has met through my involvement in the Pop Up Parramatta program.

Eleanor says of the project: "In a way, it is a real reflection of the intentions that I had for the shop when I set out - good work, by good people, locally sourced, sustainably minded, and as always, with a focus on children."

Watch out for local designers, artists and filmmakers in this innovative and stylish Pop Up show. Eleanor McComb celebrates her last month as a pop up shop in the project which has filled a space with makers and designers, all with a connection to sustainable products for children. The exhibition will be open to the public from July 14 - 26, 10am - 6pm at shops 8 and 10, The Connection Arcade, 162-172 Church Street Parramatta.