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Instagram Mistakes you’ve been making

Merryn Spencer - Tuesday, June 17, 2014

So you are all with it on social media, there are a couple of things you know. You know that your teenagers are posting to Instagram (henceforth known as insty) and nowhere else, because now Mum, Dad and Grandma have joined Facebook and they need another social media space to be themselves. You know that Flickr is becoming as much of a wasteland as MySpace was at the end of the naughties. It’s time to see where you sit in terms of insty and where it’s all at, which is of course widely used by artists and foodies and others who are interested in documenting everything. Interesting suggestions, let us know what you think. Tell us how many has been you…in the past or in the future!

  • The person whose duckface is out of control. #1duckfaceaday is no fun for your ifollowers. You need to put it away with last year’s birthday cards and make sure it never sees the light of day again.
  • Questionable food pictures – taking pictures of bland food, or worse the empty plate at the end of a meal…and then you tell! No one is interested in your end-of-meal quotes.
  • Sunsets or rooftops with sunsets behind. We left this back in the postcards to Vietnam circa 1998. We. Need. Variety. To. Get. Better.
  • Work desk or work station images. No one is interested in seeing where you work. We like to pretend we all work at open plan glass shaped spaces overlooking the edge of Chicago or overlooking Milsons Point in Sydney. Don’t disturb the fantasy.
  • Artwork in progress images. Be careful how and where you show these.  Insty never forgets.
  • Suspicious looking accounts with 30,000+ followers, but barely any in return. The discerning insty viewer will sniff out paid followers in a heartbeat. Social media connections (ideally) should be genuine and you can’t buy that kind of following.
  • Those who've joined the hashtag express. Many hashtags cause confusion. Just a few will do guys, because sometimes, less is more.

Just to note to you all at Pop Up there, are many many mistakes we have made like these over and over and deserve to be fined by the Insty police. Thanks to Renee Jacques on the Huffington Post for providing the inspiration for this article.