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Bosweb Development - Thursday, October 09, 2014

In a salute to Mental Health Month, Unknown Quantity have taken this into an art installation in their shopfront and turn the thoughts we sometimes have into a shared experience. Local artist behind the initiative, Delia writes:


Hangups - we’ve all got them.


What’s been bugging you, what’s your hangup? Do you believe you are not good enough, that you might never find love, that you always miss opportunities, or have you held onto bad memories that trip you up?

October is the month to get it off your chest! Mental health month is a great time to start taking back ownership of your headspace and healing your heart.

This interactive installation invites everyone to bare and share any hangups anonymously, in order to purge, reassure, own, embrace, or let go of the things that keep us down. By openly acknowledging and sharing our hangups, we can both diminish their hold on us and relax in the knowledge that it’s not just me. That feeling blue, alone, anxious, and hopeless are just parts of a greater journey.

Unknown Quantity strives to promote acceptance, individuality, and empowerment, so celebrating mental health month and its theme, "Be younique", is a perfect fit. In 'merging form and idea', 

Unknown Quantity uses design, art, and product to promote a more aware and meaningful way of living. This installation provides an interface in which a new level of openness, acceptance, and self-awareness can be exercised in a communal and artistic way. Hopefully, people will be empowered by naming and offloading their hangups (as well as seeing the commonality of them), and relieved to see we're not alone.

So what happens exactly? Participants anonymously write down their hangups on placards or ribbons that will be hung up onto coat hangers, which will grow into an evolving, colourful display. If desired, the hangups may be shared via social media with the hashtags #hangups and #artsparra. You can write your contributions yourself, or or have the writing professionally done by the resident artist.

Interesting…an exciting merger of creativity and making public what is usually private. You can visit the shop in Connection Arcade and see the thoughts so far.  

In case you were wondering –Unknown Quantity’s core values include individuality, meaning, diverse beauty, individual empowerment, and making the world a better place through design and art. While the fashion industry thrives on leveraging peoples’ insecurities and sense of lack, we seek to create a new system of personal validation in which everyone thrives by confidently embracing individuality in themselves and others. This year’s mental Health Month’s theme of “Be YOUnique” aligns perfectly with our values, and we wholeheartedly support the affirmation of each individual’s uniqueness, whether through art, dressing, or design.

Visit at Shop 16, Connection Arcade, 162-172 Church Street Parramatta.