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This is the End of the Hipster.

Merryn Spencer - Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Shane is 29 and works in a café in Parramatta. He plays in an all-guy banjo troupe, wears checked vests and scarves, cares about the taste of his coffee, does performance poetry, enjoys boules, and has a beard and black rimmed glasses. He lives in North Parramatta. Shane is fictional…only, we wish there were more of Shane in Parramatta. (by the way, the picture isn’t of Shane, it’s another well known hipster in Parra, thanks to the Prospector Store).

Hipsters are glass jar loving, vintage bicycle riding, typewriter-possessing guys and girls who get around in inspired cool style from the 1920s-onwards. We love them. We always have. They break up the regular crowd who get around in Parramatta and make us smile with their fun-loving ways.

But we were saddened recently after our years of love affairs with the hipster, trying to steal them all from Surry Hills or Melbourne, trying to attract them to the warmer climes of Western Sydney. Because it’s official, now. Last week the University of New South Wales have uncovered research about the hipster and how it’s losing it’s edge with the bearded look on the guys. Furthermore, hipster look was no longer hip, announced The Guardian last week. The subculture has now become the mainstream from the time we started talking about it, and now that we have decided to embrace it, unfortunately it’s all over. Because Parramatta was only just starting to ‘get’ the hipster, although they had actually been around for a while, this saddens us somewhat.

We are excited to see which subculture will hit the ground next on the streets of this town (ParisMatta). What do you think it will be?